The Sara Plager-Zyskind and
Elazar Zyskind Memorial Prize

The Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research distributes an annual prize in memory of the author Sara Plager Zyskind and her husband Elazar. The prize is given to a graduate student at Bar-Ilan University who is writing about the Holocaust.

Sara Zyskind (1927-1995) was a survivor of the Lodz ghetto and of several Nazi camps including Auschwitz, Mittelsteine and Grafenort. Among her books: Stolen Years (Lerner: Minn., 1981), and Struggle (Lerner: Minn., 1989).



The Urbach Prize

In 1991 the Urbach Fund was created within the Faculty of Jewish Studies at Bar-Ilan University to commemorate Hannah and Isaac Urbach and their children who were murdered during the Holocaust.

The Urbach fund distributes prizes in three fields: The Holocaust, Jewish Philosophy, and religious Jewish studies. Papers, articles, or monographs about the Holocaust can be submitted in English, Hebrew or Yiddish. In the two other subjects they can be submitted in Hebrew only.

The Urbach Holocaust prize is usually granted every two years.