"Hungary" Forum

During 2022, through the initiative of Binyamin Avrahami, the Arnold and Leona Finkler Institute of Holocaust Research created its "Hungary Forum". Binyamin Avrahami is the forum coordinator. The forum includes researchers and educational\commemorative activists who deal with the history of Hungarian Jewry right before, during and after the Holocaust. It was conceived as a framework for sharing information about publications, symposia, conferences and workshops that deal with these topics, and to foster cooperative ventures between forum members and others in various countries. In addition to its meetings, the forum also has an internet list that is used to share information with other forums of the Finkler Institute.




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Binyamin Avrahami Dr. Jehuda Hartman Dr. Ayala Nedivi Yuval Alpan
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Dr. Miriam Farb Ruthi Glick Naomi Gryn David Holits
Dr. Isaac Hershkowitz Roni Lustig Prof. Ruth Lorand Prof. Ruth Landau
Prof. Michael L. Miller Dr. Atila Novak Meir Nachshon Dr. Anna Szalai
Zehava Kor Dr. Nadav Kaplan Dr. Menachem Keren-Kratz Prof. Ilana Rosen
Agnes Shemesh David Weisberger Dr. Moshe Vered Moshe Golan
ד"ר חוה ברוך אפרים כהן תמונה של עילית בן דן  
Dr. Chava Baruch Efraim Cohen Ilit Ben Dan