JSIJ Vol. 4 (2005)

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Ronit Shoshani  Rabbi Elazar ben Shimeon and the Thieves - A Story of Sin and Atonement (Heb.)
Emmanuel Friedheim Timi De-Romi and Tyche De-Romi:
A Reexamination of the Historical Significance of a Talmudic Expression (Heb.)
Nahem Ilan For Whom Was the Farhi Haggadah Intended?
On the Image of Egyptian Jews During the First Half of the Twentieth Century (Heb.)
Dror Eydar “The Song of Heavens and Seas in his Heart” - Yosef Zvi Rimon During the Period of the Second Aliya (Heb.)
Judith Hauptman The Tosefta as a Commentary on an Early Mishnah
Amram Tropper Yohanan ben Zakkai, Amicus Caesaris: A Jewish Hero in Rabbinic Eyes
Meira Polliack Wherein Lies the Pesher? Re-Questioning the Connection Between the Medieval Karaite and Qumranic Modes of Biblical Interpretation