JSIJ Vol. 12 (2013)

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David Henshke The Direction of Prayer - Towards the Temple Or Towards Other Directions? (Heb.)
Barak S. Cohen “Shmuel said: Hilkheta”: The Halakhic Rulings of Shmuel in the Two Talmudim (Heb.)
Yonatan Feintuch The Story of the Encounter Between Resh Lakish and Rabbah bar bar Hannah (bYoma 9b) in its Broader Talmudic Context (Heb.)
Yishai Kiel Fasting and Self-Deprivation in the Babylonian Talmud in Light of Zoroastrian Ideology (Heb.)
Evyatar Marienberg Women, Men and Cold Water: The Debate over the Heating of Jewish Ritual Baths from the Middle Ages to Our Own Time (Heb.)
Robert Brody Petoterot and Benot Shuah
Ishay Rosen-Zvi The Rise And Fall of Rabbinic Masculinity
Richard C. Steiner Kol Nidre: Past, Present and Future 
Yehudit Henshke Biblical Citations in the Mishna: A Characterization of the Biblical Text Witnesses in Medieval Byzantium
Michael G. Wechsler New Data from Saadia Bearing on the Relocation of the Palestinian Yeshiva to Jerusalem
Ilana Sasson Masorah And Grammar as Revealed in Tenth Century Karaite Exegesis
Levi Cooper Bitter Herbs in Hasidic Galicia