JSIJ Vol. 2 (2003)

Author Title


Yael Shemesh Suicide in the Bible, in the Light of the Attitude toward Suicide in Secular Culture and Jewish Tradition (Hebrew)
Shamma Friedman The Talmudic Proverb in Its Cultural Setting (Hebrew)
Richard C. Steiner A Jewish Theory of Biblical Redaction from Byzantium: Its Rabbinic Roots, Its Diffusion and Its Encounter with the Muslim Doctrine of Falsification
Joseph Yahalom “At First Day Light” – Ibn Gabirol’s Diwan and the Transmission of His Secular Poetry (Hebrew)
David Malkiel Between Worldliness and Traditionalism: Eighteenth-Century Jews Debate Intercessory Prayer
Shmuel Vargon Samuel David Luzzatto’s Critique of Rabbinic Exegesis Which Contradicts the Plain Meaning of Scripture (Hebrew)
Yaakov Elman The Rebirth of Omnisignificant Biblical Exegesis in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries