JSIJ Vol. 5 (2006)

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Rivka Raviv The Talmudic Formulation of the Prophecies of the Four Kingdoms in the Book of Daniel (Hebrew)
Ishay Rosen-Zvi “Tractate Kinui”: A Forgotten Tannaitic Debate About Marriage, Freedom of Movement and Sexual Supervision (Hebrew)
Aharon Mondschein From Prayer of Personal Gratitude to Cosmic Hymn: The Riddle of Ibn Ezra’s Commentary on Chronicles (Hebrew)
Baruch Alster The “Forlorn Lady” in the Interpretation of the Song of Songs (Hebrew)
Judith Kalik The Beilis Trial in Russian Public Discourse in the Context of Other National Minorities - the Case of Votyaks (Udmurts) (Hebrew)
Neria Gutel Rabbi Kook’s View of the “Besamim Rosh” (Hebrew)
Joseph M. Baumgarten Immunity to Impurity and the Menorah
Joshua Schwartz “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”: Prolegomena on Breakage and Repair in Ancient Jewish Society: Broken Beds and Chairs in Mishnah Kelim