Forthcoming Articles

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Dror Ehrlich The Identity of the Second Group in Maimonides’ Parable of the King’s Palace (Heb.)
Yohanan Kapah  The Different Ways of Enumerating 147 Psalms (Heb.)
Eric Lawee  "The Refined People of Edom": Evolving Jewish Attitudes Towards Christian Culture in Spain in the Late Middle Ages (Heb.)
Yossi Peretz The Traditions of the Open and Closed Sections in Medieval Ashkenazi Manuscripts of the Pentateuch (Heb.)
Nadav Sharon Josephus as Jeremiah, or Jeremiah as Josephus?
Yonatan Sagiv  The Sifra – A Reconstruction of its Formative Process and Early Strata (Heb.)
Abraham Ofir Shemesh Ob and Yid‘oni – One Necromantic Practice? On the Shaping and the Sources of Two Medieval Traditions (Heb.)
Malkah Shenvald  Temporal and Textual Linearity in Ramban's Commentary on the Torah (Heb.)