Vol. 23 (2023)

Vol. 23 (2023)

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Doron Adler Determining the Weight of the Dirham, the Basis for Calculating Torah Measurements (Shi'urim) (Heb.)

Robert Brody On the Conclusion of Tosefta Shevu`ot (Heb.)

Judah D. Galinsky  Tur Ora Ḥayyim and the “Va-Aneinu” Prayer Recited During a Drought: The Influence of the First Printing (Piove di Sacco) on the Formulation of a “New” Prayer (Heb.)

Jonathan Grossman and Jonathan Jacobs

Bahya ben Asher’s Awareness of Intentional Ambiguity in the Bible (Heb.)

Jair Haas A Kabbalist Deals with the “Enigmas of the Father of Plain-Sense Biblical Exegesis”: The Attitude Towards Rabbinic Tradition in the Otzar Nehmad Supercommentary of R. Moses b. Jacob of Kiev on R. Abraham Ibn Ezra’s Biblical Commentary (Heb.) 3.11.2023
Eliezer Hadad The Biblical Stranger as an Originative Concept in the Religion of Reason 11.8.2023
Robert A. Harris Peshat Rules: Two Recent Publications by Mordechai Cohen  8.5.2023
Orlit Kolodni Traditions of Writing the Song of the Sea in Medieval Italian Biblical Manuscripts (Heb.)

Yosef Marcus An Addition to Ramban’s Derashah for Rosh Hashanah and its Significance for his Views About the Dissemination of Kabbalistic Teachings (Heb.) 28.12.2023
Avraham (Rami) Reiner

Between Narbonne and Melun and Between Image and Reality – Rabbi Meshulam ben Natan (Heb.)

Shalom Tzadik What is Belief? A Conservative Definition of Belief as an Exoteric Tool among Jewish Averroist Philosophers (Heb.)