Vol. 13 (2015)

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Don Seeman Maimonides and Friendship
Jair Haas R. Abraham ibn Ezra's Denial of the Belief in Resurrection (Heb.)
Simcha Emanuel Manuscripts of Responsa by Rashba Possessed by Poskim in the Fifteenth-Nineteenth Centuries (Heb.)
Boaz Hutterer The Schlagbaum - A Chapter in the History of Eruvin in Western Europe (Heb.)
Gilad Sasson Collective Punishment and the Redaction of the Sugya of Akhan's Sin in the Babylonian Talmud (Heb.)
Itay Marienberg- Milikowsky "Exile Yourself to a Place of Torah"? Independence, Marginality and the Study of Torah in Rabbinic Depictions of R. Elazar ben Arach (Heb.)
Dror Ehrlich The Retributive Theory of Punishment in Ancient Rabbinic Discussions of Hell (Heb.)
Richard Hidary "One May Come to Repair Musical Instruments": Rabbinic Authority and the History of the Shevut Laws