Vol. 18 (2020)

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Mordechai Z. Cohen Rashi’s Literary Outlook as Reflected in his Conception of the Biblical Narrator: His Use of the Term Ha-Meshorer (“The Poet”) and its Impact in the Northern French Peshat School
Simcha Emanuel From the Euphrates to Cordoba: Responsa from the Ends of the Earth in MS Jerusalem (Heb.)
Eli Gurfinkel The Three Principles of the Jewish Faith According to Maharal of Prague (Heb.)
Jordan S. Penkower The Biblical Variants Between Sura and Nehardea - Text, Vocalization, Open and Closed Sections (Heb.)
Eran Viezel "Moses Wrote His Book and the Portion of Balaam”: On the Mention of Parashat Bil‘am in Bava Batra 14b (Heb.)