JSIJ Vol. 8 (2009)

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Michael Avioz On the Origins of the Term Nevi’im Rishonim (Heb.)
Itzhak Hamitovsky Rabbi Meir and the Samaritans: The Differences Between the Accounts in the Yerushalmi and the Bavli (Heb.)
Menachem Katz Collections of Halakha or Analytic Clarifications in the Babylonian Talmud? (Heb.)
Moshe Lavee Welfare and Education vs. Leadership and Redemption: The Stories about Rabbi and Rabbi Hiyya as an Example of the Image of the Tannaitic Past in the Babylonian Talmud (Heb.)
Itzhak Hershkowitz The Altar as God's House: A Study in Maimonides' Temple Perspectives (Heb.)
Yossi Erel Ramban’s Approach Toward the Plain Meaning of the Biblical Text vs. his Commitment to Halakha (Heb.)
Chanan Gafni Hyperbolic Language in the Mishnah (Heb.)
Aron Pinker On the Meaning of šgl
Ephraim Stulberg The Last Oral Torah? The Division of the Torah into ‘Aliyot