JSIJ Vol. 7 (2008)

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Ishay Rosen-Zvi Responsive Blessings and the Development of the Tannaitic Liturgical System  (Heb.)
Avraham Walfish Creative Redaction and the Power of Desire –
A Study of the Redaction of Tractate Qiddushin: Mishnah, Tosefta, and Babylonian Talmud (Heb.)
Ronit Shoshany A Study of Two Tales in Midrash Ruth Zuta And Their Adaptation in Hibbur Yafeh me-ha-Yeshu‛ah (Heb.)
Itzhak Hershkowitz Studies in the Transmission of the Oral Torah According to Maimonides' Introduction to the Mishneh Torah (Heb.)
Jair Haas Rashbam on the Song of Songs: A Reconsideration (Heb.)
Yosef Ofer Determining the Masoretic Text of the Bible: Rabbi Mordechai Breuer and His Methods and Sources (Heb.)
Yitzhak Berger The Commentary on Proverbs in MS Vatican 
Ebr. 89 and the Early Exegesis of Radak
Richard C. Steiner On the Original Structure and Meaning of Mah Nishtannah and the History of Its Reinterpretation