JSIJ Vol. 6 (2007)

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Rivka Raviv On the Original Position of the Book of Daniel in the Jewish Bible (Heb.)
Ronit Shoshany Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai in the Cave and Elijah in the Wilderness: A Comparison between Talmudic and Biblical Narratives (Heb.)
Gilad Sasson In the Footsteps of the Tradition About Solomon the Magician in the Literature of the Sages (Heb.)
Barak S. Cohen Rashi’s Historiographical Comments About Babylonian Amoraim (Heb.)
Yitzhak Brand “Just Weights” – Heavenly and Earthly Justice:
A Study of the Laws of Weights and Measures in Rabbinic Literature (Heb.)
Arnon Atzmon Mordechai’s Dream: From Addition to Derashah (Heb.)
Jordan S. Penkower Rashi’s Corrections to his Commentary on the Pentateuch (Heb.)
Shalem Yahalom “We May Not Emend the Text”: Studies in the Textual Criticism of Nahmanides (Heb.)
Yacov Fuchs The Commentaries of Rabbi Yehuda Almadari on Hilkhot Ha-Rif, Order Mo‘ed (Heb.)
Justin Jaron Lewis Miracles and Martyrdom: The Theology of a Yiddish-Language Memorial Book of Hasidic Tales in the Context of Earlier Hasidic Hagiography