Vol. 19 (2020)

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Michael Avioz and Meir Ben Shahar Editors’ Preface
Kenneth Atkinson Josephus's Use of Scripture to Describe Hasmonean Territorial Expansion
Meir Ben Shahar Dating the Destruction of the First Temple: Tradition and Interpretation in Josephus
Silvia Castelli Between Tradition and Innovation: Josephus's Description of the Tabernacle (Ant. 3.108-150) as an Improved Alternative to the Greek Bible
Jonathan Klawans Heresy, Forgery, Novelty: Condemning and Denying Innovation in Josephus
Étienne Nodet Josephus, 1 Maccabees, and Hanukkah
Ishay Rosen-Zvi Between Ethnos and Nomos: Josephus and the Goyim
Daniel R. Schwartz Hellenism, Judaism, and Apologetic: Josephus's Antiquities According to an Unpublished Commentary by Abraham Schalit
Jan Willem Van Henten Herod's Law Against Theft in its Literary, Legal, and Historical Contexts