JSIJ Vol. 10 (2011)

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David Henshke "For Your Love is More Delightful than Wine:" Concerning Tannaitic Biblical Traditions (Heb.)
Yitzchak Roness and Aviad Yehiel Hollander How Does One Create Fine Children: The Views of Rabbi Eliezer and the Sages about Eugenics (Heb.)
Mordechai Sabato and Rabin Shushtri Sugyot Which Were Emended Due to the Transition From Oral Study to Written Study (Heb.)
Abraham Ofir Shemesh “The Hardest One - Ascara”: Diphtheria as Sacred Disease and Supernatural Retribution in Mishnaic and Talmudic Literature (Heb.)
Itamar Kislev Rashbam’s Commentary on the Story of the Creation (Heb.)
Alan Cooper Once Again Seething a Kid in Its Mother's Milk
Joshua Schwartz and 
Peter J. Tomson
When Rabbi Eliezer Was Arrested for Heresy
Jay Rovner Structure and Ideology in the Aher Narrative (bHag 15a and b)
Mordechai Z. Cohen A Talmudist's Halakhic Hermeneutics: A New Understanding of Maimonides' Principle of Peshat Primacy
Moshe Rosman Categorically Jewish, Distinctly Polish: 
The Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the New Polish-Jewish Metahistory