Vol. 20 (2021)

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Israel Belfer and Israel Ori Meitlis Rabbi Joseph Rozin's Disagreement with Solomon Maimon and John Locke: Manuscript Completion, Motivation and Meaning (Heb.)
Simcha Emanuel New Responsa by R. Sherira Gaon and R. Hai Gaon (Heb.)
Mordechai A. Friedman Eating shemurah matzah on Shabbat the 14th of Nisan: A Geniza Responsum (Heb.)
Jonathan Jacobs Retrospection as an Exegetical Device in R. Joseph Kara's Torah Commentary (Heb.)
Neriah Klein The Biblical Commentaries of Rabbi Shmuel Laniado, Ba'al Ha-Kelim (Heb.)
Yosef Marcus The High Priest’s Sanctification of Hands and Feet for the Yom Kippur Ritual: Between Palestinian and Babylonian Traditions of the Mishnah (Heb.)
Harry S. Paris Taxonomic Identity of the Edible Cucurbits of the Mishna, Tosefta, and Talmud (Heb.)
Amihai Radzyner 'There is a Mamzer from the Torah Only if His Parents were Imprisoned Together': Innovative Solutions for Purifying Mamzerim in Israel Rabbinical Courts (Heb.)
Shalom Sadik The Definition of ‘Common Opinions’ in Maimonides and his Philosophical Sources (Heb.)
Adiel Schremer and Binyamin Katzoff On the Difficulties in Editing the Tosefta: The Fine Line Between Text, Interpretation and the Transformations of Tradition (Heb.)
Avishalom Westreich "'Ox' Covers All Kinds of Damage Done by Ox" (BT Bava Kamma 3b)? On Mishnah Bava Kamma, Its Redaction and Versions, and Their Relation to the Concepts of Tort Law (Heb.)

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