Vol. 17 (2019)

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Zohar Amar Wood-Burning Sacrifices and Preparation of the Red Heifer:
Written Sources and Empirical Research
Itzhak Brand The Passover Sacrifice—From “House” to “Company” (Heb.)
Albert Dov Friedberg “… Hasidut leads to Ruah Haqodesh …”  – A New Reading of the Closing Chapters of Maimonides’ Guide
Yosef Marcus "Blessings of the High Priest" (Mishnah Sotah 7:2) - Are They Really Eight Blessings?
Israel Ori Meitlis The Place of Spinoza in R. Joseph Rozin’s Marginal Glosses to the Guide of the Perplexed
Pinchas Roth Mordechai Nathan and the Jewish Community of Avignon in the Late Fifteenth Century (Heb.)
Nili Shupak “Schools,” Teachers, Pupils, and Learning Material During the First Temple Period (Heb.)
Liat Sobolev-Mandelbaum Rabbi’s Maidservant - An Exemplary Female Character in Talmudic Literature