Vol. 16 (2019)

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Arnon Atzmon The Piskah of “Eikhah” in Pesikta de-Rav Kahana: Between Lament and Rebuke (Heb.)
Robert Brody Rashi as Textual Critic: A Clarification
Yair Furstenberg Mishnah Uprooting Scripture: Shaping Halakhah in Opposition to Scripture in the Redaction of the Mishnah (Heb.)
Yishai Glasner Early and Late Strata in Mishna Tractate Yoma (Heb.)
Leor Jacobi and Zohar Amar From the Hunting Grounds to the Courtyard: The Crane in History and the Question of Its Kashrut Status According to the Medieval Rabbis (Heb.)  
Seth (Avi) Kadish Sefer Ha-Middot: New Light from the Manuscripts
Nachman Levine Avnimos HaGardi and Abba Yosef HaBanai: The Builder and the Weaver and their Cosmogonies, a Literary Reading
David Sabato The Noahide Commandments in Tosefta Avodah Zarah (Heb.)
Shalom Sadik Free-Will Psychology in the Thought of Gersonides (Heb.)
Rabin Shushtri Dating and Divorce Decrees: A Comparison Between the Palestinian and Babylonian Talmuds (Heb.)
Oded Yisraeli "There is no Clear Evidence in that Study": Nahmanides as a Talmud Commentator: Between Traditionalism and Independence (Heb.)