Vol. 21

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Emanuel Haronian The Attitude Toward the Individual in the Circle of Rav Kook - A Comparative Study of the Teachings of Rav Kook and Rav Harlap (Heb.)
Eyal Kahalani The Awe of God in Maimonides (Heb.)                                                                         
Aviram Ravitsky The Anonymous Commentary on Maimonides' Treatise on the Art of Logic: The Venice 1550 Edition and a Critical Edition of MS. Vatican 49 (Heb.)
Avi Shmidman and Uri Ehrlich The Development of the Third Benediction of the Grace after Meals in Light of the Cairo Genizah Fragments (Heb.)
Shalem Yahalom Tosafot Perez: Image, Creativity, Influence, and Importance (Heb.)